• Organisational audit, HR & strategy function

Organisational audit, HR & strategy function

Organisational and strategic audit - This is the complete audit of the organisation, it includes an analysis of the existing strategic, operational, Human Resources, technical and budgetary elements and valid if these are well in line with the strategies and objectives of your organisation. Through this process, we will identify the weak points of your organisation and we can propose recommendations such as the following:

  • The re-evaluation of the specific objectives and mission of the organisation;
  • A better definition of your strategic objectives so that they are clear, measurable and achievable;
  • The development of an appropriate governance model;
  • The revision of the organisational structure, processes and methods so that they better support the mission and capacities of the organisation;
  • Recommendations for optimizing human resources (training, redeployment, resizing, performance measurement, etc.)
  • Harmonize business processes and train stakeholders according to the new training strategy.