• Karamoco Mahama GBANE
Karamoco Mahama

Karamoco Mahama GBANE

Chartered Accountant Memorialist
Accounting and financial auditor

BDO SA Côte d'Ivoire

+225 22412730

+225 07367990


Karamoco Mahama GBANE has five (05) years of professional experience, acquired in firms and companies, in Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso.

His experience acquired in firms of different sizes has given him the opportunity to work on various assignments, particularly in the field of audit, organizational consulting and fraud research.

Karamoco has worked in various sectors (mining, health, education, telecommunications, services,...) and in companies of various sizes. Within BDO, he has participated in several assignments as statutory auditor, organizational, social and strategic auditor, enabling him to bring real added value in supporting our clients.

He has also specialised in auditing development projects and programmes financed by several donors (World Bank, ADB, AFD, IFAD, IDB, Arab Fund, Kuwait Fund, Abu Dhabi Fund, BOAD,...) as well as in auditing public authorities.

He also has a thorough knowledge of AfDB, World Bank and IFAD procurement procedures.